11 Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami, FL [2023 Updated]

Every year, residents and tourists choose to appreciate the flavors of Cuban cuisine. In Miami, there are enough restaurants to keep visitors and fans of Cuban food happy throughout the year.

Whether you’re looking for fine dining or a nice location for a birthday party, keep reading. Here are some of the best Cuban restaurants that are worth checking out if you happen to be in Miami.

El Palacio De Los Jugos

$ | (786) 313-3052 | WEBSITE


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Looking for a casual indoor eating experience and plenty of unique options for breakfast? Then you’re in the right neighborhood if you see the Miami International Airport.

Not far from there is the El Palacio De Los Jugos, home of the exceptional Cuban restaurant, where you can get a quick bite for a low price.

In addition to its indoor seating arrangements, which allow plenty of space for guests, the restaurant is also relaxed and sophisticated, perfect for couples having a good time.

Everything from the creativity surrounding the events hosted at the restaurant to the location’s spin on Cuban sandwiches and roast pork makes visiting this authentic Cuban eatery worthwhile.

If you’re worried that you won’t be interested, then consider the benefits of good food and efficiency. Come to this restaurant and you’re guaranteed to walk away satisfied. That much is for sure.



$ | (305) 529-0047 | WEBSITE


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This women-founded small business has grown to serve diners great food while adding a rich cultural experience to the table.

Thanks to its variety of healthy and intensely flavored menu items, Sergio’s restaurant in Miami remains one of the best Cuban restaurants in the city.

The menu is diverse and intriguing, and even includes a breakfast pizza that comes with scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes.

Or, you can also try the Cuban toast that’s also served with coconut flakes and guava sauce. A great spot for breakfast, it’s also worth pointing out that the restaurant goes a step further by offering nationwide Cuban shipping.

Inside, you can relax and know you’ll be taken care of from the moment you arrive. Overall, a good choice for your family if you happen to be around town.


Finka Table & Tap

$ | (305) 227-88718 | WEBSITE


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It’s always beneficial to have a Cuban restaurant that also offers online ordering for pickup. But Finka Table & Tap serves great food along with their intense selection of craft beers and cocktails.

Host a family event and allow your senses to be captivated as you enjoy creative dishes, including Fried Alligator Jalea or Hawaiian pizza with a three-cheese sauce and pineapple.

Opting for healthy? This bustling location offers a nice Mediterranean salad. Also, it’s ideal if you want to rent a table thanks to the comfortable lighting and cozy location.

Better yet, visit this place, one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami, if you’re interested in a night out with a partner. Finish your meal and have a drink, and you’ll be glad you took the initiative.


Havana Harry’s

$$ | (305) 661-2622 | WEBSITE


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An opportunity for casual eating and excellent food is obtainable thanks to this restaurant, which is one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami.

Here, you can satisfy your preference for Cuban food, and while you’re at it, you have every reason to try one of the best mojitos in Miami.

The drinks are as diverse as the menu, but if you’re ready to feast on a great meal, you’ll want to try the fish chicharrones, and, of course, the mojito chicken.

Bonus points for this restaurant? Indeed. The dulce de leche and Oreo milkshakes are far too delicious to pass up.


Puerto Sagua Restaurant

$$ | (305) 673-1115 | WEBSITE


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The Puerto Sagua Restaurant has been around since 1962. Thanks to their tasty mix between Cuban food and seafood, the restaurant has since received mostly excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.

Enjoy the warmer Miami days with outdoor seating, then fill your plate with fried pork chunks, rich asparagus soup, a seafood platter, or several steak and fish options.

This Cuban restaurant is sure to bring you back thanks to its large menu and affordable prices for good food.

While the place can get busy and packed, it’s still ideal for families and couples, and if you’re looking for a reputable place to start, you can trust that the Puerto Sagua restaurant has a pretty strong reputation that makes the place worth trying.


Old’s Havana Cuban Bar & Cocino

$ | (786) 518-2196 | WEBSITE


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Located near the “Calle Ocho” of Little Havana, this popular Cuban restaurant is known for its excellent use of ingredients in its dishes. The beverage choices alone are enough to keep your mouth watering.

But other delicious options include a poultry dish served with a garlic and onion mojo, as well as the restaurant’s homemade braised and shredded flank steak.

Choose from a variety of Caesar and chopped salads. Or, stay for happy hour and enjoy a fresh strawberry daiquiri—your choice. The restaurant is also perfect if you’re looking for music and fun times for the family.

Overall, affordable and delicious food in a fun, friendly environment. One of the best Cuban restaurants in the city.


Versailles Restaurant

$$ | (305) 444-0240 | WEBSITE


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According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Versailles Restaurant is one of the most famous Cuban restaurants in the world. The restaurant offers a delicious choice of Cuban samplers, including The Criolla and The Classic.

The former comes with black beans, ham croquette, yellow rice, and fried pork chunks. The latter? Picadillo ground beef and casava with Cuban Mojo.

You wouldn’t believe this famous restaurant has also been visited by former president Ronald Reagan and former governor Jeb Bush, but it’s true.

You’ll also think highly of the sidewalk counter out front, as well as the fact that the restaurant can fit well over 300 people.

With generations of experience in the business, the Versailles Restaurant should be one of your top food choices to think about.


Doce Provisions

$$$ | (305) 541-1715 | WEBSITE


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As an ideal spot to relax and enjoy great Cuban food, Doce Provisions has pleased many customers since its opening, ultimately earning a nod from The Miami Herald for being a “gift to the neighborhood”.

While serving amazing dishes like the Birria de Res Quesatacos and Shrimp Po’Boy Tacos, this restaurant is Ranked #70 out of 2,821 on Trip Advisor, and gaining even more attention these days thanks to its outdoor seating and event booking availability.

The seating, in general, is comfortable and a pleasure to be around, while the amount of space available on the floor is ideal for families and couples alike.

Interestingly, their version of the El Cubano sandwich alone should make you think of this restaurant as one of the best Cuban restaurants in the city. Regardless of the prices, it’s definitely worth a try.


Casa Juan Restaurant

$$ | (305) 265-7595 | WEBSITE


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Perhaps the winner of the best Cuban creole is advertised here at the Casa Juan Restaurant in Airpark Plaza. Upon arrival, you’ll get a relaxed but energized feeling the moment your eyes gloss over the wooden chairs and tables.

That excitement is multiplied as you’re offered an intriguing array of dishes, including a banana stuffed with ground chicken or beef and either Cuban vegetable or red bean soup.

Diners who visit the Casa Juan restaurant enjoy the vibes, also taking notice of the restaurant’s seaside murals in addition to the $22 creole dish.

They also think about the next time they’ll stop in for a visit—when they might just choose breakfast. It’s the extra effort that stands out about this restaurant, so give it a try along with the others.


La Rosa Restaurant

$$ | (305) 541-1715 | WEBSITE

Miami Best Cuban Restaurants

Opened in February 1968, the La Rosa restaurant centers on quality Cuban food, while also serving diners options in the Caribbean and Spanish cuisine.

As a vegetarian-friendly restaurant known for takeout and delivery, this restaurant’s a top contender for one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami.

The lunch special most days might be as low as $14.99, while popular dishes like Pargo Frito, Scottish Salmon, and wood-fired Branzino may cost a bit more.

Either way, you’ll appreciate the space on the floor while enjoying your appetizers of either Empanadas de Rabo or Truffle Parmesan Fries.

The menu itself will please many a diner, while the drinks and Happy Hour are sure to add a sparkle to your evening. The Miami Herald calls this restaurant more formal than the others. But overall, a great place to hang out and eat.


El Rey De Las Fritas

$ | (305) 644-6054 | WEBSITE


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Once featured in Travel Channel, this memorable restaurant has been around since 1976. In the 1970s, Victoriano “Benito” Gonzalez and his wife, Angelina “Gallega” Gonzales, found their way to Miami, Florida after fleeing their home country of Cuba due to unrest.

Quickly, the couple, now founder and owner of El Rey De Las Fritas brought their Cuban burgers with shoestring fries to the city. Today, the locals love this restaurant for its La Fritas and fast, friendly service.

Even better, as one of the best Cuban restaurants, the original La Frita is as low as five bucks. So, this restaurant should be a top choice if you want reliably good Cuban food in an uplifting, welcoming environment.



Whether you’re a tourist or a local, these restaurants will include ingredients that make you want more.

Their menus are diverse and creative, and the restaurants themselves, comfortable and conveniently located, are ideal for any diner.

You might one day find yourself hungry and in the mood for Cuban food. If so, stop at any one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami for an eating experience you’ll remember for years.

Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

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