9 Best Restaurants in Rapid City, SD

Rapid City, South Dakota, is set against the stunning background of Mount Rushmore and the neighboring Black Hills. Free-roaming buffalo, sprawling landscapes, and a pioneering spirit are just a few of the attractions in this South Dakota community.

That spirit lives in the culinary scene in Rapid City as well. Here are some of the top dining experiences we had in the shadow of the splendid Mount Rushmore and the nearby Black Hills.

Delmonico Grill

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Delmonico Grill, one of Rapid City’s finest fine dining steakhouses since 2007, has been a local favorite for a long time. Pete Franklin, a well-known chef and restaurateur in the area, opened the first location.

At Delmonico Grill, the posh interior and sophisticated lighting help generate a thoughtful and romantic mood. What’s more, you won’t believe how expertly they handle your request. Occasionally you can find We had a Chef-prepared seasonal fare.

Dinner was made complete by the legendary “On Green Dolphin Street” Ribeye, which has been on the menu for years. Just this dish makes Delmonico Grill one of the best places to eat in Rapid City.



Independent Ale House

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The pizza and salads at the Independent Ale House in Rapid City are just as well-liked as the beer. With 50 beers always available, it is being heralded as the city’s first authentic tap house.

In that case, this fantastic watering hole may be one of your best selections. Its casual atmosphere helps everyone feel at ease. Additionally, the bartenders are so warm and inviting that you won’t feel out of place. It’s one of the best bars and restaurants in the area, and it’s conveniently located near the City of `

You can sample some of the best locally brewed beer right from the tap. We decided on the Lost Cabin’s “Alien with an Attitude,” a 12.3 percent alcoholic beverage.

The Caesar salad and spicy chicken pizza were delicious, and the atmosphere was fun to catch up with pals. When it comes to meaty pizzas, you may also try the chicken, bacon, and ranch combination.



Tally’s Silver Spoon

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Since its humble beginnings as a café in 1930, Tally’s Silver Spoon has grown to become a Rapid City institution. It’s evolved into a high-end restaurant that’s popular with both locals and visitors.

This restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients to create the most decadent dishes. Most of the ingredients used come from regional farmers who supply the restaurant’s chef. The restaurant’s upbeat ambiance is likely a major contributor to its status as one of Rapid City’s best. Every Friday and Saturday night, there is great music to enjoy.

In the morning, stop by this diner for some chocolate chip pancakes. There’s also “Bury It,” a well-known healthy choice that’s packed with bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. Need something heartier? A delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon are cooked to perfection.

The famous Indecision Menu is available for those who arrive at unusually late hours and the best option for people who just can’t make up their minds. It’s best to leave the selection to the cooks.




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The Vertex Skybar occupies the tenth and eleventh floors of the landmark Hotel Alex Johnson, and it is a venue of the highest caliber. Vertex features both indoor and outdoor seating, with beautiful gas-heated fire pits, and breathtaking vistas of the Black Hills.

With a glass of chilled wine in hand, you can relax on the plush chairs arranged around the massive mahogany wine racks and admire the bar’s gleaming bronze and nickel accents.

A chicken breast stuffed with blooming kale and blue cheese and laced with a velvety parmesan béchamel sauce is a perfect main course. Get it with warm pita bread, olives, and celery sticks to get the party started. You may round up this dish with some fresh seasonal vegetables and some sweet basil risotto.



Fort Hays Chuckwagon Supper & Cowboy Music Show

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Restaurant in Rapid City, SD

If you are interested in locating the restaurants and attractions in Rapid City that are most suited for families, this is place. The Chuckwagon Supper & Show will satisfy both your desires and the entire family. It is a complete experience that will provide you with a tour that is lots of fun, a show that is very entertaining, and delicious food from the Chuckwagon.

That’s the kind of thing that’ll make you feel like a real cowboy. Sliced beef doused in barbecue sauce, roasted chicken, and potatoes are on the menu. It’s hard to go wrong with the ranch biscuits and baked beans here either. A cup of steaming coffee, in the style of a cowboy, is the perfect ending to a meal at a Chuckwagon.

So, it’s not haute cuisine: the food was good, and the night was entertaining for the whole family



Everest Cuisine

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Rapid City, SD Restaurant

This is your chance to indulge in the delicious Indian and Nepalese food you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time. Learn about the cultures of these two countries by diving headfirst into their delicious cuisine. If you’re looking for a restaurant in Rapid City that serves a variety of foods at a buffet, go no farther than Everest Cuisine.

Indian pastry stuffed with potatoes, green peas, and spices makes for a delicious snack in the form of vegetable samosa. Next, try the white rice served with the mixed veggie curry. Yes, that’s a must-have component.

If you like chicken, you can’t go wrong with chicken tikka masala, which is simmered in a rich tomato sauce flavored with a variety of spices. We also highly recommend the Lamb curry and the shrimp Kadai.



Colonial House Restaurant & Bar

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Colonial House is a must-try if you’re looking for a top-notch dining experience in Rapid City. This monument has always been an important part of the Black Hills and of Rapid City.

Visitors to The Colonial House are regulars because of the variety of fun events that are hosted there. The restaurant keeps the classics on the menu, but it also knows the need to be progressive.

Select their prime rib with or without seasoning; it’s delicious any way. Some of the condiments that come with the meal are Sandy’s Horsey sauce, roasted garlic, and others. Deep-fried steak finger slices are served in the traditional fashion and are both tasty and filling. Grilled pork chops are another must-try dish.

The pork chops are delicious, but you don’t want to leave town without trying the prime rib!



Murphy’s Pub & Grill

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Top Restaurant in Rapid City, SD

Murphy’s Bar and Grill may be the perfect spot for you if you’re still looking for a place to eat in Rapid City. The restaurant is conveniently situated near all the major tourist destinations in the area. And as you step foot inside the bar, you’ll feel right at home.

Additionally, sports enthusiasts enjoy a safe refuge at this eatery because to the televisions mounted above the bar.

Their steak comes with sauteed vegetables, baby potatoes, and asparagus, and is sure to satisfy your appetite. Grilled fish with a honey bourbon glaze is another great option if seafood is more your thing. Be sure to try their beer cheese soup, which is unlike anything else you’re likely to taste.

Come by the bar between the hours of 3 and 6 for happy hour and save money on drinks, including draft beer.




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Rapid City, SDTop Restaurant

It’s no surprise that Rapid City’s contemporary, yet laid-back eatery, Juniper, is thriving. All or nearly all of its ingredients are sourced regionally. It’s also well-known for its delicious food, which includes options for vegetarians and anyone who need to avoid gluten.

Try the baby bok choy with the Ahi Tuna and enjoy the flavors together. The special chicken dish also includes vegetables, including squash, peppers, and onions. You won’t be able to resist this dish, even if you’re not a greens fan.

The creamy asparagus soup and French onion soup or a a nice touch. If you want to know why so many people recommend this place, you must have a bowl of their Juniper salad.




Native American, German, Eastern European, and even Himalayan cuisines can all be found in Rapid City. Every foodie should experience it at least once. Also, the local fare that reflects South Dakota’s unique character is superb.

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