15 Best Restaurants in Naples, FL

Naples is famous for its stunning scenery, luxury shopping, and fine dining. But Naples is now becoming known as a foodie destination aside from its white sand beaches. Here are the best restaurants in Naples, Florida, that you should visit on your next vacation!

Naples, has over 700 restaurants, making it difficult to choose the best restaurant. It is undeniable that selecting a restaurant to eat at on vacation is one of the main struggles.

We’ve thoroughly researched and read as many reviews as possible to determine the best ones. We make sure that all the restaurants serve the best meals in Naples. We got everything from fine dining to seafood and desserts for you!

So, with the help of this list, you can easily identify where you can enjoy your next meal in Naples.

1. Tropical Smoothie Cafe

$ | (239) 262-3600 | WEBSITE


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After scorching under the sun’s heat on one of the beaches in Naples, you will need some refreshments to cool down. And what’s the best place to go for refreshments? The Tropical Smoothie Cafe!

There is a wide variety of smoothie flavors you can choose from. Most customers who visit the place highly recommend the Sunrise Sunset smoothie. The combination of strawberries, pineapple, and mango gave the perfect flavor. Plus, the orange citrus made a great addition to the drink. 



2. Sails Restaurants

$$$ | 239-360-2000 | WEBSITE


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With each taste, Sails recalls the best seaside flavors of France, Italy, and Greece. Sails offer the finest cuisine along with top-notch service in a beachy-chic setting. The restaurant pays tribute to traditional fine dining’s courteous manners while modernizing them just a little.

Most of their guests gave them high ratings for the restaurant’s ambiance and the exquisite and delectable food they served. It is an excellent place for romantic dinners and family dinners.



3. Osteria Tulia

$$$ | 239-213-2073 | WEBSITE


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Are you looking for Italian peasant cuisine in Naples? Osteria Tulia is the first osteria in Florida. They serve the best Italian peasant cuisine in the ambiance of a beautifully renovated Italian farmhouse.

The kitchen cures its pancetta, produces its mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, and produces and extrudes all pastas in the restaurant, including its signature fennel sausage, derived from a family recipe. Though the tortelloni with braised short ribs is a crowd-pleaser every night of the week, the seasonal offerings of peasant delicacies like rabbit and wild boar are the real showstoppers.



4. M Waterfront Grille

$$ | 239-263-4421 | WEBSITE


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M Waterfront Grille is the best place to eat. Modern, cutting-edge American food is their specialty, focusing on Florida Fusion, seafood, steaks, organics, and pasta.

Customers reviewed that their Scottish Salmon was “to die for.” Fresh, light, and just plain delicious. You’ve never had salmon like M Waterfront Grille’s Scottish Salmon. You will surely go back to the place with their food because you can’t just get over the taste!



5. Mediterrano

$$$ | 239-261-7498 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Naples, FL

Mediterrano’s menu is inspired by the tastes of over 14 different Mediterranean nations, from Greece to the South of France, North Africa, and Spain. 

This restaurant prepares braised lamb shanks, garlic shrimp, and glazed salmon perfectly. Most guests suggest trying good baklava dessert, crème brûlée, and key lime pie. It’s a must to try the delectable pinot grigio, beer, or red sangria when you visit this place. Enjoy a delicious espresso, chocolate frappe, or cappuccino from this establishment.



6. D’Amico’s The Continental

$$ | 239-659-0007 | WEBSITE


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D’Amico’s The Continental is a perfect combination of a steak house and a craft bar. The place gains even more fascination with the meticulously crafted interior and outdoor setting of a New York Steakhouse that meets a 1920s Parisian Bistro.

The restaurant’s tagline is “affordable prices for tasty meals.” People can savor the welcoming ambiance and stunning décor at this bar. According to customer reviews, a wide variety of food stands out, like roasted salmon salad and Rhode Island oysters. Their Texas Hunny (bourbon) is a refreshing option on a sunny day.



7. The Local

$$$ | 239-596-3276 | WEBSITE


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The Local offers the freshest, most local, and organic ingredients, whether you opt for a genuinely delicious meal, a low-calorie dish, or a vegan dish.

The owner, Chef Jeff Mitchell, works with local farmers to deliver organic veggies, artisanal cheeses, grass-fed beef, and other healthy products. Their hearty salad alongside flatbread and sandwiches is a must-try. Also, the guests suggest trying the pot roast, free-range, oven-roasted chicken breast, and Florida gulf shrimp on top of capellini.



8. 21 Spices by Chef Asif

$$$ | 239-919-8830 | WEBSITE


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21 Spices by Chef Asif is an epicurean banquet, an overindulgence of flavor, elegance, and skill. You can experience the various flavors of traditional Indian cuisine prepared with the season’s best produce. They have various cuisines, biryanis, curries, vegetarian treats, and crisp salads. Aside from the delicious food, the place’s ambiance is also elegant.



9. Dorona

$$ | 239-529-2819 | WEBSITE


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If you’ve never tried Italian food, you should reserve a table at Dorona. You may always taste Dorona’s specialties, including delectable veal, ravioli, and beef tartare.

The best-customized beef cuts are available from chosen farms for your enjoyment. But also adds an Italian touch to the dining experience with special recipes and ingredients from the Aielli’s homeland.



10. Grouper & Chips

$$$ | 239-643-4577 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Naples, FL

Are you looking for fried foods? Then Grouper & Chips is the best place to visit in Naples. But they are not just about fried foods. 

The restaurant receives its catch directly from local fishermen every morning. The fillets are breaded, deep-fried in canola oil, placed inside a bun, and served in the ever-favorite grouper sandwich basket along with fries and slaw. Seafood options such as shrimp, crab cakes, and the catch of the day can be prepared, grilled, sautéed, or blackened for people who want to avoid oil.



11. Bleu Provence

$$ | 239-261-8239 | WEBSITE


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Awarded French restaurant Bleu Provence combines elegance and hospitality, and the fusion of wine and cuisine is exquisite.

They serve a full menu of seasonal French bistro cooking in addition to their vibrant Mediterranean food. It redefines bistro-style food with a contemporary twist. According to their reviews, customers consistently praised their wine for being of the best quality.



12. Sea Salt

$$$$ | 239-434-7258 | WEBSITE


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SeaSalt’s focus on seafood and the things that go with it comes from the fact that it is near the water. The restaurant focuses on using ingredients from local farmers that are fresh and in season.

Most reviews say that the best dishes are the tuna tartare, blackened grouper, roasted baby beets salad, and our homemade pasta. The best way to start is to try some European cheese and charcuterie.



13. BHA! BHA! Persian Bistro

$$$ | 239-594-5557 | WEBSITE


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Do you enjoy Persian cuisine, or have you tried Persian cuisine? Then, this is the restaurant that you have to try. The staff is also the kindest, which will make you enjoy your meal.

They serve wholesome fresh and healthy dishes. The aromas of delicately spices and herbs, the sweetness of simmering fruits, and the smell of sizzling kabobs will entice. So, you better give this restaurant a try!



14. EJ’s Bayfront Cafe

$$ | 239-353-4444 | WEBSITE

Naples, FL Best Restaurant

There is no better way to rise to the sun shining than to rise to it here at Ejs Cafe on the Bay. They serve breakfast and lunch all day. When you’re on vacation, you should start your day with a delicious breakfast. 

EJ’s provides the finest breakfast in Naples, utilizing only the freshest local foods in a lively atmosphere near the Bayfront in downtown Naples. The restaurant takes pleasure in the refreshing Naples Bay winds.



15. Lima Restaurant and Pisco Bar

$$ | 239-280-0167 | WEBSITE


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It may sound like a broken record, but they are also delicious! The Lima Restaurant and Pisco Bar aim to bring Lima, Peru’s excitement and culinary innovation.

It is the gastronomical capital of America. The menu features flavors from both traditional and modern cuisine that come together under one roof to create an unforgettable dining experience. Peruvian culture is alive and well in Naples.




In Naples, Florida is where sparkling water meets white sand, wild islands, and downtowns full of artful treasures.

And, of course, the delicious foods, from seafood to luxurious dining and worldwide cuisines. If you want to visit this natural gem on your next vacation, you won’t miss out on the 15 best restaurants in Naples.

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