21 Best Restaurants in Freeport, NYC [2022 Updated]

There are so many great restaurants in Freeport with something different to offer that it can be a hassle to find one you love. If you want to make your dining experience a memorable one, carry on reading about a list of 21 of the best restaurants in Freeport, NYC.

Imperial Diner

$$ | (516) 868-0303 | WEBSITE

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $9.50
  • Middle:$20.00
  • Highest:$39.00

The Imperial Diner is a “best of all worlds” type of restaurant in Freeport. They have a comprehensive menu that includes dishes like Greek specialties, seafood, gourmet burgers, English breakfasts, Asian wings, Belgian-style waffles, and American and French dishes.

In addition, you can never go wrong with their catering packages because they have a little bit of every culture in their packages.


Hudson’s On The Mile

$$ | (516) 442-5569 | WEBSITE

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $8.00
  • Middle: $16.00
  • Highest: $34.00

If you’re looking for a fun seafood menu to choose from, Hudson’s on the mile is your go-to place. You can enjoy your meals on their patio, outdoor bar, or rooftop while enjoying a beautiful view.

They also offer live music and they cater for your special events with a comprehensive menu of packages to choose from, with an option of customing your package.

Their menu includes clam chowder soup, crispy fresh salads, burgers, lobster rolls, good olf fish and chips, steak, and a daily selection of desserts.


Nautilus Cafe

$$ | (516) 379-2566 | WEBSITE


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The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $ 6.00
  • Middles: $ 25.95
  • Highest: 57.95

Nautical Cafe thrives on offering creative fresh seafood in an elegant waterfront atmosphere. They offer early bird deals as one of their unique selling points. Their menu includes dishes such as baked clams, seafood platters, shellfish cocktails, steak, prime ribs, house salads, and soups.

Every Thursday night they have a “steak special night” which is made up of a beer, martini, or Pinot Noir and a choice of their steak Entrees.


Pier95 Restaurant | Marina

$$ | (516) 379-9898 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Freeport, NYC Pier95 Restaurant Marina

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $ 5.75
  • Middle: $29.75
  • Highest: $46.75

Pier95 is a Portuguese-inspired restaurant serving continental cuisine made from high-quality ingredients. Their customers can enjoy their meals while enjoying a view of the Marina. Their menu includes dishes such as pork tenderloins, sole, shellfish, lamb, house soups and salads, and various pasta dishes.

They also have a catering menu for both lunch and dinner with various dishes and beverages to choose from.


Atlantic Avenue Deli

$$ | (516) 378-0203 | WEBSITE

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $1.50
  • Middle: $ 8.99
  • Highest: $ 16.99

If it’s a light lunch or breakfast you’re after, then Atlantic Avenue Deli is the place to be. They mostly serve specialty sandwiches made from freshly baked rolls and bagels filled with fresh cold meat cuts.

Their menu, in addition to sandwiches, includes breakfast wraps (with an option to create your own), home fries, burgers, hashbrowns, paninis, and assorted salads and soups.


Hibiscus At EB Elliot’s Waterfront Dining And Bar

$$ | (516) 378-8776 | WEBSITE

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $9.00
  • Middles: $18.00
  • Lowest: $ 32.00

EB Elliot’s Waterfront Dining and Bar aims to continuously provide flavors Americans love and know by incorporating a good balance of seafood, meat, and poultry. On weekends, you can enjoy your meals while listening to live music.

Their menu includes dishes made from duck, pork, lamb, shellfish, chicken, soups, salads, tacos, burgers, turkey, fish, pasta, and kid-friendly dishes, with various vegetable sides.

Their comprehensive catering menu includes the option of renting a dance floor and linen colors of your choice.


River House Grille Restaurant

$$ | (516) 608-5226 | WEBSITE

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $10.00
  • Middle:$23.00
  • Highest:$42.00

River Grille is all about creating a social, casual atmosphere for its diners. They offer American Seafood cuisine which can be enjoyed on their outdoor deck or indoors surrounded by a warm, intimate atmosphere.

Their menu includes dishes such as fresh strawberry or leafy salads, gluten-free pasta, shellfish, fish, steak, chicken, sandwiches, wraps, and soups. You can also take advantage of their Happy Hour, two for one, or buy one get one free special.


Chef Elvis Caribbean Cuisine

$$ | (516) 208-8395 | WEBSITE

Chef Elvis Caribbean Cuisine

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $5.43
  • Middle:$11.95
  • Highest:$19.55

Chef Elvis is for those with a love of Jamaican cuisine. Their menu includes dishes such as okra, butterbeans, stewed chicken, pork, goat, cowfoot, soups, pasta, and various desserts. They also have healthy beverages which consist mainly of freshly squeezed juices like carrot and ginger beer.

When it comes to their catering options, you can choose whole meals like green salads or mac and cheese, or select one of their patties and packages.


Villalobos Tapas Bar

$$ | (516) 608-6042 | WEBSITE

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $6.00
  • Middle:$13.00
  • Highest:$30.00

Villalobos is a Spanish restaurant specializing in tapas. Their philosophy lies in encouraging conversations amongst their diners. Most of their meals are cooked to order and they offer various dishes such as paellas, oysters, chorizo dishes, churros, salads, and meat and cheese platters.


Churrasqueria Genesis Barbeque Pit And Grill

$$ | (516) 377-0258 | WEBSITE


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The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $8.99
  • Middle:$24.99
  • Highest:$30.99

Churra offers healthy, tasty grilled meals for customers who are health conscious. With kids’ well-being in mind, they offer soda-free options that pair well with kid’s meals. Their menu includes dishes such as grilled chicken, ribs, steak, fish and shellfish, sandwiches, pasta, and nachos.


One Drop Restaurant and Roti Shop

$$ | (516) 623-7890 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Freeport, NYC One Drop Restaurant and Roti Shop

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $12.75
  • Middle:$10.00
  • Highest:$18.00

One drop is a restaurant that caters to various cultural dishes known for its home-style cooking. They source their ingredients from local farmers’ markets to ensure they serve fresh dishes every time.

Their menu includes mac and cheese, salmon, beef, chicken, pork, shellfish, and goat. For breakfast, you can take advantage of their freshly made porridge.


Kenny’s Kitchen

$$ | (516) 868-0088 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurants Kenny’s Kitchen

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $2.00
  • Middle:$7.50
  • Highest:$15.25

King’s Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant that offers Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. Their menu offers tofu, sauteed vegetables, chow mein, lo mein, a combination of seafood, meat, and chicken dishes, moo shu, and various sides, such as Chinese ice tea and fortune cookies.


FireWok Chinese Restaurant

$$ | (516) 379-3838 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurant FireWok Chinese Restaurant

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $1.25
  • Middle:$7.25
  • Highest:$13.50

What makes Fire Woks different from other Chinese restaurants on this list is that they offer party trays that are easily customizable.

They are one of the cheapest and offer fresh meals daily. Fire Wok has a lot of vegetarian-friendly dishes to choose from and they ensure most of them are filled with lots of flavors.

Their menu also includes seafood dishes, chow mein, mei fun, lo mein, fried rice, soup, and various appetizers.


Mi Casa

$$ | (516) 442-7111 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Freeport, NYC Mi Casa

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $9.95
  • Middle:$24.95
  • Highest:$46.95

Mi Casa is a Caribbean and Dominican restaurant that consistently provides tasty, fresh food.

Their menu includes creamy shakes made from real fruit, natural juices, quesadillas, soups, freshly made salads, mofongo (fried green plantains seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and pork crackling), Cuban-style sandwiches, wraps, seafood, steak, chicken and kid-friendy meals.


Raimos Pizzeria And Restaurant

$$ | (516) 378-4379 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Freeport, NYC Raimos Pizzeria And Restaurant

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $12.95
  • Middle:$23.50
  • Highest:$49.50

Raimo’s is a family-owned restaurant that offers quality, authentic Italian food. They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, and are well known for signature dishes such as “Pasta ai Gamberetti” and “Veal Rollatini”, to name a few.

Their menu includes dishes such as baked neck clams, fried calamari, pasta, chicken, veal, pizza, and various vegetarian dishes. You can also treat yourself to their freshly made, exciting salads.


Taco Tuesday

$$ | (516) 632-0091 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Restaurants Taco Tuesday

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $3.50
  • Middle:$6.00
  • Highest:$12.99

Now you don’t only have to enjoy tacos on Tuesdays thanks to Taco Tuesday. This restaurant serves traditional Mexican-style tacos (including seafood-filled tacos), wraps filled with cheesy avocado sauce, and handmade specialties like the fully loaded Mamacita Burrito filled with meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables.

In addition, you can enjoy their quesadillas and sides (plantains and tostones). If you happen to bring your child along, you’ll be sure to find healthy, gluten-free options that are just as tasty as their other dishes.


Shahs Halal Food

$$ | (516) 608-5349 | WEBSITE


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The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $0.75
  • Middle:$5.49
  • Highest:$7.99

Shas’s Halal, as the name implies, serves halal meat dishes. Most of their vegetables are sourced from local farmers to ensure the dishes they prepare are freshly made.

They have various signature sauces which they serve with their meals. Their menu includes gyros, wraps, kebabs, sandwiches, salads (with an option to make your own), and sides (french fries, pitas, falafel, chicken nuggets, hummus, and baklava).


Backyard BBQ

$$ | (516) 771-4227 | WEBSITE

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $6.00
  • Middle:$17.00
  • Highest:$45.00

Backyard Barbeque specializes in baked, fried, and grilled meals. Their menu includes sandwiches, beef brisket, empanadas, pork ribs, chicken, seafood, and wings. You can also take advantage of their generous combo servings if you decide to dine as a family or group of friends.


Margarita Cafe

$$ | (516) 623-2980 | WEBSITE

The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $5.95
  • Middle:$14.95
  • Highest:$26.95

Margarita Cafe is a restaurant founded with the intention of creating an experience that touches all the senses of a customer.

They specialize in authentic Mexican cuisine, which can be paired with their signature margarita cocktail. To add to their customer experience, they play Live Mariachi band music every Friday through Sunday.

Their menu includes seafood, stuffed tortillas, nachos, quesadillas, fresh salads, soups, pasta, fajitas, and sides (guacamole, sauteed jalapenos, Peruvian corn, plantain, and make your own combination burritos).


The Texas Ranger

$$ | (516) 415-7289 | WEBSITE


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The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $14.49
  • Middle:$6.49
  • Highest:$12.99

If you’re looking for a Texan-style meal, Texas Ranger is worth visiting. Their menu includes juicy, Texan-style beef patty burgers (vegetarian included), build your own burger, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, and sides such as chili fries, fish and chips, and waffles. If you place your first order online, you get 20% off.


Bobby Q’s Soul And Seafood

$$ | (516) 544-4407 | WEBSITE


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The price range of their meals:

  • Lowest: $8.99
  • Middle: $19.99
  • Highest: $39.99

Bobby Q’s is another restaurant in addition to Texas Ranger that offers cuisine for those who love the taste of the South.

Most of their meals are prepared following the BBQ tradition and include dishes such as pulled pork, chargrilled seafood, beef, pork, hot dogs, burgers, turkey, barbeque chicken, and combo meals to enjoy as a group.

They cater to all special occasions with exciting dishes such as stuffed mac and cheese lobster to choose from.



Whether you’re in Freeport for a visit or are a nearby resident, it is worth your while to visit one of the best restaurants in Freeport, NYC. With selections from Italian, Caribbean, Greek, Mexican, Chinese, Jamaican, and Texas cuisine, you’re sure to find one that caters to your favorite cuisine.

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