19 Best Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR [2022 Updated]

Fayetteville, Arkansas, is located in the state’s northwest corner in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. With a population of just less than 100,000, Fayetteville is the second-largest city in Arkansas.

You’re likely to hear local college students and fans shout “Wooo Pig Sooie” in Fayetteville after any contest, game, or event. Fayetteville is a college town, but it’s also home to the healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, and construction industries.

Here is a list of the 19 best restaurants in Fayetteville, Arkansas:

Wright’s Barbecue

$$ | (479) 313-8618 | WEBSITE

Wright's Barbecue Best Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR

Wright’s Barbecue in Fayetteville is one of two locations. Located down Main Street from the Johnson Fire Department, Wright’s is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.

But, be forewarned; they close when the meat runs out. Menu options include meats sold by the pound and BBQ sandwiches, plates, and sides. Closed Sunday and Monday.


Spoon Fusion Korea Oh K-Dog

$$ | (479) 316-7777 | WEBSITE

Spoon Fusion Korea Oh K-Dog Best Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR

If you’ve got a craving for Korean hot dogs, this is your place. Spoon Fusion Korea Oh K-Dog is extremely popular with more than twenty locations across the United States.

However, their menu is simple, with only thirteen menu items. Their Korean-style hot dogs are deep-fried in a Korean rice batter.

Sauces include Gochu hot sauce, sweet chili, and garlic sauce. Open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner. Closed Sundays.


Atlas The Restaurant

$$$ | (479) 332-4601 | WEBSITE

Atlas The Restaurant is located in the historic Ellis Building in downtown Fayetteville. As its name implies, Atlas serves upscale food from every continent.

Menu entrees include halibut with pink peppercorn beurre blanc, pork chop with mole sauce, New York strip with balsamic brown butter, and veal in a red wine veal reduction.

While the menu is not extensive, the entrees are detailed. Dessert options include a frozen strawberry mouse with blueberry coulis, a chocolate almond jaconde cake with white chocolate, and a mascarpone mousse with sage ice cream.

Open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday.


Leverett Lounge

$$ | (479) 249-6570 | WEBSITE


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Leverett Lounge is a trendy restaurant serving small plates. While the menu isn’t extensive, the options are varied. They offer menu items such as Korean fried chicken, rainbow trout, and mussels steamed in lager.

Appetizers include deep-fried garlic cheese grits, roasted root vegetables with harissa, and pork rillettes with pickled red onion.

Also, try their Pure Joy ice cream or sorbet if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner service. Closed Sunday and Monday.


Tokyo House Sushi & Ramen

$$ | (479) 442-9995 | WEBSITE

Tokyo House Sushi & Ramen Best Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR

Tokyo House Sushi & Ramen is a Chinese restaurant serving classic Chinese dishes with a modern twist. As their name implies, they serve a large variety of sushi and ramen.

Options include Chashu Pork Ramen, Tempura Shrimp Ramen, and Seafood Ramen. Sushi options include maki, hand rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.

The restaurant also offers special rolls, such as the Crazy Dragon Roll, Dancing Girl Roll, and Spicy Mama Roll. Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Closed Monday.


Mockingbird Kitchen

$$ | (479) 435-6333 | WEBSITE

Mockingbird Kitchen Best Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR

Mockingbird Kitchen is a locally owned restaurant serving modern American cuisine in the heart of Fayetteville. Popular menu items include blackened catfish and grits, duck tacos, and shrimp cakes.

Saturdays and Sundays are exceptional because of the brunch offerings. Brunch items include brioche French toast, potato hash, and chicken and waffles.

Open Wednesday through Friday for lunch and dinner. Open on Saturday and Sunday for brunch. Closed Monday and Tuesday.


Dot’s Nashville Hot Chicken

$ | (479) 445-5885 | WEBSITE

Dot’s Nashville Hot Chicken is a locally owned food truck serving Nashville hot chicken. The owners moved from Nashville to Fayetteville and opened Dot’s in 2017.

While their specialty is hot and spicy chicken, they also offer a mild spice option. The highest spice level is The Cry of Mankind, which they say “might make you cry.” Menu options range from chicken tenders to sandwiches and salads.

Sides range from grits, coleslaw, and salad. Open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday.


Feltner Brothers

$ | (479) 935-4545 | WEBSITE


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Feltner Brothers is a family-owned restaurant serving burgers and hot dogs. They have won the Best Burger of Northwest Arkansas three years in a row, so it’s a favorite for residents.

With eight different burger styles ranging from Shroom Swissalaka, Brobecue, and Guac This Way, you’ll find one that suits you. You can also add grilled pineapple, sport peppers, and fried green tomatoes to your burger.

If hot dogs are more your speed, they’ve got the Benjamin Franklin dog and the Chili Bob Thornton. Order one of their handspun milkshakes if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


Vetro 1925

$$$ | (479) 966-4649 | WEBSITE

Vetro 1925 Best Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR

Vetro 1925 is an authentic Italian restaurant located in the historic Cravens Building in the heart of Fayetteville. The Cravens Building was built in 1925, which is the reason behind the restaurant’s name.

The menu includes antipasti (appetizers), insalate e zuppa (salad and soup), primo (first entrees), secondi (second entrees), and dolce (dessert).

Appetizers include raw oysters, mussels, calamari, and smoked pork belly. Main dishes include Penne alla Vodka, Lasagne di Pollo, Vitello, and Bistecca.

Dessert offerings include Tiramisu and Crema Bruciata. Open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner only. Closed Sunday and Monday.


Eclectic Kitchen

$$ | (479) 935-3027 | WEBSITE


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Electic Kitchen is precisely that- eclectic. It is partly a tapas bar with delectable small plates, and a seafood restaurant with savory entrees.

While the menu changes often, some current examples include fried oysters, Cheebooktook oysters, Osso Bucco, and linguine with clams. Open for dinner only Thursday through Saturday. Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


La Media Luna

$$ | (479) 316-8008 | WEBSITE


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La Media Luna is a family-owned restaurant serving Fayetteville residents authentic Mexican food. “La Media Luna” translates into the half-moon.

Menu items range from fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, seafood dishes, and even vegetarian entrees. Try their La Media Luna Fajitas, including beef, chicken, chorizo, and shrimp if you want fajitas.

Their Enchiladas Habanero is topped with habanero cream sauce if you’re in the mood for spicy enchiladas.

Specialties include Cochinita Pibil, Chile Relleno, and Stuffed Avocados. Open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner. Closed Sunday.


Chao’s Asian And American Foods LLC

$ | (479) 316-9191 | WEBSITE

Chao's Asian And American Foods LLC Best Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR

Chao’s is a popular Asian food truck located on College Avenue. Popular items include Chow Mein, Beef and Broccoli, Curry Fried Rice, and their Sweet Thai Tea.

Although their menu isn’t extensive, the dishes are prepared fresh for take-out. Other menu items include Chinese favorites like Sesame Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Spicy Beef, Pad Thai, and egg rolls. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


Renzo’s Pasta & Italian Steakhouse

$$$ | (479) 445-6985 | WEBSITE

Renzo’s is an Italian steakhouse located near another local favorite, Eclectic Kitchen. The restaurant has won many awards, and the menu shows why. Appetizers include stuffed portobello mushrooms with a variety of toppings.

One of the more delectable stuffed mushrooms is topped with chicken, Alfredo sauce, spinach, and cheese. Grilled entrees include a grilled salmon filet, shrimp and scallop skewers, and smothered pork chops.

The menu options are almost endless, with various sandwiches, pasta, and salads. Try their cannoli or tiramisu if you have a sweet tooth. Open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner. Closed Sunday.



$$$ | (479) 527-0086 | WEBSITE

Theo’s Bar and Dining Room is an upscale American restaurant in the heart of Fayetteville. They offer delectable appetizers such as salt cod hushpuppies, oysters on the half shell, and apple glazed pork belly.

Dinner entrees include grilled octopus, braised lamb shoulder, and a double-cut sous-vide pork chop. However, their menu is subject to change based on local availability. Open for dinner only Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday.


Wood Stone Craft Pizza

$$ | (479) 444-1947 | WEBSITE

Wood Stone Craft Pizza has two locations in Fayetteville, one downtown and one uptown. They opened in 2014 to serve locals delicious wood-fired pizza.

Their pizzas are very creative with options such as The Curly with shitake mushrooms, herb dust, and an asiago cream sauce. Or, if you’re feeling like experiencing all of your taste buds at once, try the THISSS pizza.

It is topped with goat cheese, prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, arugula, and apple marmalade.

Although pizza is what they’re known for, they also offer a few different salads and appetizers. Open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Closed Monday.



$$ | (479) 439-9899 | WEBSITE


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Tula is an upscale Mexican restaurant located inside Pryor Center. The name comes from a city called Union de Tula in Jalisco, Mexico.

The menu includes some Mexican favorites such as Carne Asada, Carnitas, and Ceviche, but you can also find Pozole, Arroz a la Tumbada, and Mole. Open for dinner only Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday.


Catfish Hole

$$ | (479) 521-7008 | WEBSITE

Catfish Hole Best Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR

Catfish Hole is a casual seafood restaurant with multiple locations around Arkansas. It is a family-owned business, and it has been serving residents for over twenty years.

While you can eat a grilled dinner at Catfish Hole, their strength lies in their fried entrees. You can find almost anything fried on their menu, from catfish steaks, scallops, ocean clams, and frog legs.

If you prefer a salad, they’ve got those too. Sides include hush puppies, coleslaw, and fried okra. Open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday.


Cafe Rue Orleans – Cajun & Seafood

$$ | (479) 443-2777 | WEBSITE


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Cafe Rue Orleans has been open in Fayetteville for over twenty years. The Cajun restaurant has won many awards over the years, and its menu keeps people coming back.

Their lunch menu includes New Orleans favorites like Muffaletta sandwiches, Alligator Po Boys, and Crawfish Etouffee. Dinner specialties include Shrimp Pontchartrain, Crescent City Catfish, and a Seafood Platter.

You can also find Cajun appetizers like Gator Tots, Boiled Shrimp, and Fried Crawfish Tails. You might have come for the seafood, but make sure you stay for the dessert.

Beignets are a New Orleans treasure that you shouldn’t miss. Open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner and open Sunday for brunch. Closed Monday.


Farrell’s Lounge Bar & Grill

$$ | (479) 301-2220 | WEBSITE


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Farrell’s Lounge Bar & Grill, an upscale sports bar, is located in the heart of Fayetteville. Farrell’s offers standard pub fare like sliders, chicken tenders, and wings, but they go a few steps past standard with other menu items.

For example, Farrell’s offers a Beef Tenderloin and Bacon Sandwich, a Bleu Cheese Burger with fig marmalade, and a chicken sandwich with goat cheese.

If you’re looking for lighter fare, they’ve also got salads like an arugula salad or a wedge salad. And if you’re just in the mood for snacks, order their truffle bacon fries, seared Brussel sprouts, or bacon mac & cheese.

Open Tuesday and Wednesday for dinner and Thursday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Closed Monday.


Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR

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