15 Best Mexican Restaurants in Fresno, CA [2022 Updated]

In the mood to dig into some Mexican cuisine? Well, we could help with that! Today, we will be showing you our top picks of Mexican food places!

We will not delay any more. Here is the 15 best Mexican restaurants in Fresno, CA! We hope your tongue is ready for all this Mexican goodness!

Sal’s Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (559) 438-3030 | WEBSITE

When it comes to Mexican cravings, Sal’s is one of the food places you can entrust your tongue and tummy. They have been satisfying appetites for a long time now, after all. They have more than half a century under their belt!

They have good food, and they have tons of it. You can bring your hungry army, and everyone most likely would find something that will make their tummies happy!


Don Pepe Taqueria

$ | (559) 261-9744 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for good Mexican food at great prices, Don Pepe Taqueria is one of the food places you might want to check out. Their menu might not offer much variety, but it seems they make up for the lack of quantity with quality.

They are also a place to visit if you are hungry and want your Mexican food fast. They hustle. Here, you can quickly make your tummy happy!


Casa Corona

$$ | (559) 283-8605 | WEBSITE

Over here, we have Casa Corona!

If you are looking to eat excellent Mexican food surrounded by a partnering vibe, Casa Corona is a place you might want to check out.

They do not only have mouth-watering Mexican dishes, but they also offer you a merry Mexican atmosphere.

Now, that is a good Mexican dining experience. Do you not think so? If that is not enough, they also have good customer service. What could be better?


El Patio Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (559) 721-7757 | WEBSITE


El Patio Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Fresno, CA

Now, allow us to bring you over to El Patio!

If you are looking for a Mexican food place to bring your friends to, El Patio is a restaurant you might want to consider. Of course, you can expect that they have some great Mexican food. However, that is not all they can offer.

In addition to that, they also seem to have some friendly folks and great entertainment. You can expect an overall pleasant dining experience here at El Patio!


Papi’s Mex Grill

$$ | (559) 434-1609 | WEBSITE


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Do you want to start the day with some Mexican breakfast? On the other hand, maybe you want to finish the night with some mouth-watering Mexican dinner?

Whether you are looking to start or end your day with a Mexican dish, Papi’s Mex Grill might be a place you want to check out. They can either make your morning or your night! It is not all about the food, though. They also have a great vibe!


Cocina Village

$$ | (559) 840-1663 | WEBSITE


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Cannot decide what Mexican dish to have? In that case, you might want to give Cocina Village a visit! They have a menu filled with all sorts of Mexican goodness.

You would likely have no trouble looking for a Mexican dish to satisfy your tummy. With all the great choices, though, you might find you have more food than you originally planned to eat. So, make sure you bring a friend along!


Antonio’s Méxican Restaurant

$$ | (559) 446-1802 | WEBSITE

Has none of the above options tickled your fancy yet? Well, not to worry! Maybe this next food place will catch your attention.

If you are looking for another Mexican restaurant to add to your rotation, Antonio’s is a restaurant you might want to consider.

They may not be the cheapest option on the list, but your bucks would be going to good food, atmosphere, and people! We believe they are worth every penny!


Don Tacha Taqueria

$ | (559) 228-9683 | WEBSITE


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Are you often looking for some tasty tacos? Well, Don Tacha Taqueria might be for you!

If you crave tacos often, they can help you satisfy that craving with their flavorful and budget-friendly tacos! However, that is not all they have! They also have tons of other dishes you might want to try out when you visit.

You might want to take a good look at their menu, though! They have some deals, and what you want might not be included in the promotion. Either way, we believe they are worth the bucks!


La Kebrada

$$ | (559) 721-7133 | WEBSITE

Over here, we have La Kebrada.

Are you looking for a particular Mexican taste? Have you been hopping from one Mexican food place to another but still cannot find it?

Well, La Kebrada might be a place you want to visit next! They have gotten the approval of many picky Mexican-cuisine-loving foodies, after all!

Also, this place has good décor and vibe that would help you enjoy your colorful and flavorful meal!


Las Mañanitas Restaurant

$ | (559) 618-1100 | WEBSITE

Las Mañanitas Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Fresno, CA

Who does not like Mexican cuisine? However, they are not always cheap, and sometimes, if they are, they are not the real thing. Right? In that case, Las Mañanitas might be able to help.

They can serve you Mexican dishes that you will not forget. However, their meals will not break the bank even if you give them a visit every week! Yes, you might have just found your new favorite Mexican food place!


Cuca’s Restaurant

$$ | 559-237-0111 | WEBSITE

Cuca's Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Fresno, CA

Here, we have a family-owned Mexican restaurant with a few decades under its belt – Cuca’s. If you want fresh Mexican food, they are undoubtedly a place to visit. Many can vouch for the freshness of their dishes!

They also have a cozy little place. They are one of the places you want to consider if you would like to give a friend or family a good dining experience when they are visiting!


Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (559) 452-1111 | WEBSITE

Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Fresno, CA

Do you want your Mexican dish, and do you want them fast? Well, Los Panchos is a place that may help satisfy your craving, and fast! They can even give you good service during the lunch rush! How is that for fast?

Of course, they also have good food. Lots of it! They even have some great Mexican dishes for our vegan friends.

So, if you want to introduce the goodness of Mexican cuisine to a vegan friend, you might want to bring them over to Los Panchos!


Guadalajara Restaurant

$$ | (559) 268-9528 | WEBSITE

Over here, we have Guadalajara.

Guadalajara might not be the easiest food place name to pronounce, but that should not stop you from giving their place a shot! They have some great food, good service, and a lovely place.

Now, tell us what is not to love? They are not the most affordable Mexican food place, but we believe their meals and everything else they offer are worth the bucks!


Wahoo’s Fish Taco

$ | (559) 449-8226 | WEBSITE


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Finally, we have Wahoo’s Fish Taco! They might be our last Mexican food place, but do not mistake that they are last in place when it comes to flavor. They undoubtedly are not!

Wahoo’s Fish Taco does only offer you a mouth-watering menu but also a lovely place to grab a bite. Do not miss out on a good Mexican meal. Give them a visit if you are in the area!



That is the 15 best Mexican restaurants in Fresno, CA, for you! You do not have to worry about finding a Mexican restaurant anymore.

You might find yourself with a tough decision, though. With all these great Mexican food places, where are you off to first?

We hope we got to help! Feel free to visit anytime you have a delicious dilemma!

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